Musical icon 2Baba has declared that he remains a significant force in the music industry, despite the emergence of new Afrobeats artists. In a recent interview with AFRIMMA, 2Baba acknowledged the contributions and sacrifices he and his contemporaries made to bring Afrobeats to its current global acclaim.

Advising young artists, 2Baba emphasized the importance of trusting the process, building a strong fan base, and avoiding overambition. He highlighted Burna Boy’s journey as a prime example of gradual growth, noting that Burna Boy’s path from performing in small venues to selling out Madison Square Garden was a long-term process.

“Burna Boy sells out Madison Square Garden and they [other artists] think they are on the same level. And that’s unrealistic,” 2Baba explained. “He knows what he passed through before getting to the level he is, and you have to go through that process in full. Burna Boy didn’t just wake up and sell out Madison Square Garden; it’s a process that took a long time.”

Reflecting on his own career, 2Baba expressed pride in his continued relevance and commitment to making good music. “We are part of the sacrificers; the instrumental process,” he laughed. “But that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that I am still very much relevant. I’m still here making good music.”

2Baba’s insights serve as a valuable reminder of the dedication and perseverance required for sustained success in the music industry.

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