06 Jul 2024


MaryJane Obiwumma

Dammy Krane Fires Back at Burna Boy, Accuses Him of Hypocrisy in Twitter Feud.

Controversial singer Dammy Krane has launched a scathing attack on Burna Boy, accusing him of hypocrisy and silence during critical moments. The feud, which escalated on Twitter, saw Dammy Krane respond angrily to Burna Boy’s caution.

Dammy Krane questioned Burna Boy’s authenticity as a “real gangster,” pointing out that Burna Boy failed to speak out when thugs allegedly attacked him. He also criticized Burna Boy for not offering support during his incarceration, implying that Burna Boy only speaks out when it serves his interests.

Dammy Krane

In a heated tweet, Dammy Krane wrote:

“Since you wanna speak like a real gangster @burnaboy why didn’t you speak out when they sent their thugs to my house. You know how it feels to be locked up and you never reached out, even when I came out. A real gangster wouldn’t do that to his blooda industry landlord. Blooda no be until something do my enemy I go call police because na only God dey for me like this na so them whine MohBad till them kill am you know the matter @burnaboy evil prevail when good people refuse to talk after God na government.”

Dammy Krane’s response reflects his frustration and disappointment, accusing Burna Boy of being silent when it mattered most. The feud continues to unfold on social media, drawing significant attention from fans and the public.

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