Skit maker and influencer Mandy Kiss recently opened up about the impact of having a tattoo of Naira Marley’s face on her thigh during an interview with Egungun of Lagos. The popular social media personality disclosed that she decided to modify the tattoo to a flower design due to personal reasons and concerns about her love life.

“I changed the tattoo of Naira Marley’s face on my thighs to a flower because of my personal life,” Mandy Kiss explained. “I don’t want a situation where in the next few years I will be regretting not removing the tattoo a very long time.”

Mandy Kiss revealed that the tattoo had been a significant issue in her relationships. “It was affecting my relationship. Three of my boyfriends complained that they were not comfortable dating me with Naira Marley’s tattoo on my body,” she said.

By altering the tattoo, Mandy Kiss aims to move on from her past image and avoid any future regrets. The decision highlights the influence of personal choices on one’s romantic life and the lengths to which individuals might go to ensure compatibility with their partners.

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