06 Jul 2024


MaryJane Obiwumma

Sophia Momodu: Davido’s Unavailability and Past Tragedies Make Joint Custody Unsafe for Our Daughter.

Sophia Momodu, the first baby mama of Nigerian music superstar Davido, has filed a 102-paragraph counter affidavit outlining her reasons for opposing Davido’s request for joint custody of their daughter, Imade. In the document, Momodu cited Davido’s demanding career, his marital status, and the tragic death of his son Ifeanyi as key factors.

Momodu argued that Davido’s career requires him to travel frequently, which makes him unavailable to care for Imade during crucial times. She expressed concerns about Davido living with another woman, questioning if Imade could receive a proper upbringing under such circumstances.

Sophia Momodu

“The Applicant is an artist who always travels around the world as mandated by his career and cannot possibly be with our daughter at crucial times,” Momodu stated.

She also referenced the unfortunate death of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi, at his home, which she described as occurring under “rather unfortunate and questionable circumstances,” raising doubts about Davido’s ability to ensure Imade’s safety.

Momodu further alleged that Davido is “not fit to be granted custody of our daughter because he is not available and does not possess the ability to dutifully care for her.”

In detailing their relationship history, Momodu explained that their relationship began in 2014, leading to the birth of Imade in 2015. The couple broke up in 2017, briefly reconciled in 2020, and ended their relationship permanently in 2022. Momodu accused Davido of using their daughter’s maintenance as leverage to maintain their sexual relationship despite her attempts to end it due to his infidelity.

“I was tired of his lies and unfaithfulness, but he always used the withdrawal of his fatherly duties and maintenance for our daughter as a pawn to force me to resume the sexual relationship with him,” Momodu revealed.

This affidavit paints a complex and tumultuous picture of their relationship and underscores Momodu’s concerns regarding Davido’s request for joint custody of their daughter.

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