08 Jul 2024


MaryJane Obiwumma

Davido Shares Heartwarming Moment with Twins, Reveals Their Gender in Viral Video

Nigerian music sensation David Adeleke, better known as Davido, captivated social media on Tuesday night with a touching video featuring his twin children.

The former DMW executive melted hearts as he shared a tender moment inside his car, nodding along to a popular baby rhyme while his twins peacefully rested in their carriers in the back seat.

The viral footage provided a rare glimpse into Davido’s cherished time with his twins, whose baby cots adorned in pink and blue colors subtly hinted at their genders – a boy and a girl.

Embracing the role of a dedicated father, Davido humorously quipped that he refrained from changing the lullaby to avoid upsetting his little ones.

The heartwarming video quickly became a trending topic, eliciting an outpouring of admiration from fans and followers who praised Davido for his evident joy and commitment to fatherhood.

Social media platforms buzzed with affectionate comments and shares, highlighting the public’s fascination with Davido’s personal life and his bond with his children.

Known for his charismatic persona on stage and his candid moments off stage, Davido’s openness about his parenting journey continues to resonate deeply with audiences.

The video not only showcased his superstar status but also underscored his genuine affection and dedication as a father.

As the video circulated widely across the internet, fans eagerly await more glimpses into Davido’s family life and future updates on his twins.

Stay tuned for more heartwarming moments and insights into Davido’s journey as a proud father to his adorable twins.

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