20 Nov 2023


Clariza Allison

Fashion Week Will Put Bonny on Global Fashion Map – Organizers Say, Partner Kristina Reports on Initiative

Organizers of the Bonny Island Fashion Week (BIFW) says the need to return Bonny Island in Rivers State, Nigeria to the global fashion map is the propelling force behind the event billed for this year.

Convener of the Bonny Island Fashion Week, Prince Scott Pepple said this on Friday, November 17, 2023 when the team visited Kristina Reports in Bonny, Rivers State. He was accompanied by the BIFW Secretary, Sofia Pepple, and Public Relations Officer, Tamunotonye Jumbo.

Prince Scott Pepple

Describing Kristina Report as a premium platform to pitch the vision of the Bonny Island Fashion Week to the world, Pepple, who said the visit was to solicit the partnership of Kristina Report ahead of its event, expressed confidence that partnering with the virtual media outfit would give the event the visibility it needs.

“We are here to pitch the Bonny Island Fashion Week to the world and we are doing that through Kristina Reports. We have come to partner with them so that through them we can get this vision to the world.”

L-R, Tamunotonye Jumbo, Prince Scott Pepple, Sofia Pepple

“The idea is to take Bonny Island outside, not just to take them outside but to create a trend that when you talk about Bonny Island you can make reference to these trends.”

Pepple stated that the events lined up for the Bonny Island Fashion Week aims creating veritable platforms to market Bonny Island, stimulate discourse on issues affecting the growth of the fashion industry on the island and also inculcating technology into the fashion business, as well as a means to attract foreign investors into the island.

“If you take a tour around Bonny Island and you count the businesses we have in Bonny Island; you will realize that fashion business takes two thirds of the total of every business you see in the State.”

“We are trying to build a trend different from the oil trend and also letting people know that outside NLNG and other companies that operate in this oil sector there are more things happening in Bonny and which people do not really know and which fashion is one of them.”

“The idea behind this event, Bonny Island Fashion Week is to put Bonny on the fashion map. We are trying to fuel the establishment of a fashion industry; it’s already existing but we want to bring in an industry that can collectively carry these people along in Bonny Island.”

In his remarks, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Kristina Reports, Eliel Bluejack said the solicitation for partnership by the organizers of the Bonny Island Fashion Week was a welcome one, asserting that Kristina Reports would continue to support initiatives that promote innovation and entrepreneurship at the grassroots.

“We at Kristina Reports had the opportunity to welcome the pioneers of the Bonny Island Fashion Week and after extensive discussion with them and sharing their wonderful ideas with us, we, as a company, believe it’s about the growth of Bonny Kingdom.”

That is pushing out Bonny Kingdom in new light, light that is devoid of any negativity, light that promotes the progress of the Kingdom and with their vision and with what they’ve shared with us it aligns with our goals. So, we are committed to partner with them and we will give them all the support they so desire to make this a success.”

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